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HELP - Healthy Eating and Lifestyle in Pregnancy

The Healthy Eating and Lifestyle in Pregnancy (HELP) study is a large multicentre randomised controlled trial which aims to assess whether a weight management intervention for obese pregnant women, which targets physical activity and healthy eating, is effective in reducing women’s BMI at 12 months from giving birth.

TROPHY - A study into clotting disorders in palliative care patients

This study tracks disease course and patient response to anticoagulation and other related interventions. Improved optimization of outcomes for thromboembolism sufferers will be achieved by this study. .

Seal or Varnish

'Seal or Varnish' is an individually randomised, assessor-blinded, two arm, parallel group trial that aims to identify and compare the relative clinical and cost effectiveness of pit and fissure sealant (PFS) and fluoride varnish (FV) for the prevention of dental caries in first permanent molar teeth in 6-7 year old school children.

CREAM - ChildRen with Eczema, Antibiotic Management study

CREAM is a 3-arm, double-blind, randomised controlled trial to determine the clinical and cost effectiveness of the most commonly used oral and topical antibiotics, in addition to topical corticosteroids, in the management of suspected infected atopic eczema in children. Read more about the trial.


An Analysis of the effectiveness of a 12-month, multi-component intervention including a web application allowing participants to enter weight related information themselves.

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